It Will Take Just One Minute To Read This Story, But It Will Change Your Thinking!

This story will make your eyes wet, because it shows the real courage and strength we need in our lives each day in order to carry on.

Read it carefully and put some thought in it!

Two patients shared the same hospital room placed opposite of each other.

One of them had to sit up on his bed each day in order to get his medications, and his bed was closer to the window.

The other, unfortunately had to lie constantly on his back.

Soon, they shared stories for their families, homes, occupations, time spent in the army, the places they traveled…

Besides that, the man sitting closer to the window described the other man things he saw outside, like that out there was a little park with a small lake and swans in it. Swans were swimming in the lake, while the children played with their boats.

He told him that on the benches were young couples embracing each other. Big, beautiful wood beautifies the park, and in the distance you could see the lights of the city.

The man who kept lying began to live these wonderful moments that his friend was telling him. He closed his eyes and pictured this beautiful scenario.

One day, his friend described him a parade that was taking place around the lake. Regardless the fact that he didn’t hear the music, he was still able to see it in his head.

This was going on for weeks, until one morning, the man sitting in the window was no longer there.

The man who kept lying asked the nurse to take him to the window, even though he was still very weak.

The nurse fulfilled his wish and left him alone. With great efforts, he raised on his elbows for the first time after a long period to look at the outside world. Finally, he had the chance to enjoy the beauty that his friend described him.

But, when he looked out of the window, he saw just a blank wall! He wondered, so he asked the nurse why would his friend describe him the view from the window so beautifully when there was only a blank wall?

The nurse revealed to him that his friend was actually blind and that he could see even the wall that was outside the window, but the world in his mind was much nicer.

And she told him, that the good man just wanted to make his friend happier, and to make his day a bit better.