How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Whiteheads occur when excess sebum, dead cells and bacteria remain trapped in pores. This is why you should wash your face twice a day using mild cleaning products that don’t contain oil. Warning – do not wash more than twice a day, because you can irritate and dry your skin.

Use aspirin

Go to the pharmacy and buy some aspirin pills. Mash them and mix with water until you obtain a thick paste. Apply the resulting product directly over whiteheads.

Go to a specialist

Do not try to remove your whiteheads because pores may get infected and pimples may occur. You should go to a dermatologist, who will remove whiteheads with a sterilized tool.

Wash your hair more often

Oily hair contributes to whiteheads and pimples formation, so you need to always have a clean hair in order to prevent excess oil to reach your face. Normally, if you wash every two or three days – unless you have very oily hair – it should be OK.

Use oil-free cosmetics

When you buy cosmetics, purchase those oil free ones – sebum is enough, you do not need other oils that’ll clog your pores. It is also very important that you cleanse your face every night!